Affordable Housing: 

The Rent is TOO DAMN HIGH and will continue to increase if something is not done.

Anthony Beckford has been fighting for tenants rights and has taken direct actions against developers and landlords.

Anthony Beckford will work on having Preferential Rent taken out of the leases of tenants,

turn shelters into permanent housing, lower property taxes on houses and bring back affordable low income housing.


Police Accountability: 

Accountability is key.   Anthony Beckford has been leading the Brooklyn Sector of Copwatch Patrol Unit and has

been holding the police accountable in Brooklyn but primarily in our district. These officers who murder Innocent people

need to be fired, convicted and sentenced.



Public Transportation: 

$2.75 is too much. 

Fares need to be affordable and public transportation services need to be reliable. 

Anthony Beckford supports and promotes #FairFares and #SwipeItForward so that community members can help each

other get to work, school  and doctor appointments.


 Community Development:

Anthony Beckford  will fight to bring back the much needed funding for our public schools, small business owners,

valid mental health resources, adequate social services for families, better immigration services and protections, community youth

centers, after school programs, affordable summer programs and much more.


LGBTQ Rights 

 Discrimination against a member of the LGBTQ community is not and should not be tolerated.  

Hate crimes against Trans men and women need to be stopped as well.


Legalization of Marijuana

Recreational use should be legalized and also medicinal purposes.  

It makes no sense to send people away for years for something that is not listed as a hard or addictive drug.  

When it comes to racial disparities, Black and Brown people will become targeted for marijuana use

more than their white counterparts. So we need to fight the war against our people.


Vote for ANTHONY BECKFORD on November  7, 2017




FB: AnthonyBeckford4CityCouncil

 Twitter: @AB4CityCouncil


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